Understanding Black Holes (Part 1)

26 Oct

This is the first part of understanding the different types of black holes. An introduction to what black holes are and what makes them suck so hard.

Links and things:

Supermassive Black Hole by Muse
(Did you notice, Deecrowseer??? I totally used the correct song.)

Links and other info:
Dheeraj Pasham’s Website

Clips taken from:
Event Horizon, 1997, Paramount Pictures
Stargate SG-1, S2 E16, 1998, MGM Television
Star Trek, 2009, Spyglass Entertainment & Bad Robot Productions

Picture of Stellar Mass Black Hole

Stellar Evolution Diagram

GIF of spacetime

Black Hole Spacetime Comparison

3D Spacetime Illustration

Black Hole Regions

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